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People who aren’t in a union or don’t know anyone in a trade or labor union often unsure what labor unions do and why someone would join. Labor unions strive to improve the lives of all working families – to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our nation. It’s all about making sure working families get what they collectively deserve. A labor union or trade union is an organized group of workers who unite to make decisions about conditions affecting their work. Read more >>>

UNIONEER Jan-Feb 2017

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ADT Bargaining Report # 11

NIC Bargaining Report # 14

The NLRB has ruled that ADT has the right to vote for Union representation, and management cannot interfere with that right. Read more >>>

Have you moved recently? Do you have a new mailing address? Communicating with our members can only be done effectively when we have current contact information for each one of you. Please take the time to make sure your information is updated. Click on link above to obtain form.

Nelle Wooding spent forty-seven years as a telephone worker, beginning as a student operator in Dallas in 1914, and retiring in 1961 as a field representative for the Communications Workers of America, CIO. In 1937, she helped organize the Dallas Local of the Southwestern Federation of Telephone Workers, and was elected President. When the National Federation of Telephone Workers called a strike in 1947, Wooding, as the Chair of the Northeastern Division of Texas, led the walkout in Dallas. Although the telephone workers were ultimately forced to settle for a much smaller wage increase than they had demanded, the strike had other benefits. "It helped the union to grow up," Wooding asserted in her oral memoir. " It helped us to gaim prestige in the eyes of the company and other unions. They saw that we'd had our baptism in fire, and we had more respect from them. Read more >>>

Headed by J.D. Williams, CWA Local 6215 has a very active retirees' chapter. Please click on link above for more information about CWA Retirees.

Click above to take you to informative videos, pictures, and documentation about the TPP and what CWA around the country is doing to rally against the TPP.

Bylaws are the rules that govern the internal management of our Local. They were originally written by the Local's founders, and generally define things such as, but not limited to the Local's official name, purpose, requirements for membership, officers' titles and responsibilities, how offices are to be elected and/or assigned, how meetings should be conducted, and how often meetings will be held. 

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Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation, AFL-CIO Scholarships, Jonathan's Place, and City Square.

From time to time, our Union members ask if we have copies of AT&T's test guides for positions available in our contracts. Click on header above to get more information on test guides.

CWA strongly supports the use of social media sites to discuss and advocate for the important issues facing members and working families today. While these sites offer many advantages, they can also cause serious legal problems if they are not properly used and can lead to complicated legal proceedings as well as potential disciplinary action against employee users. To help avoid legal or other problems, our National office has developed these Guidelines for CWA members to consult when using social media. Please click on the title above to read and/or download the guidelines and share them with any and all fellow members.

Do you have Benefits, FMLA, or Disability Questions? 'Ask Debra' has launched!

The articles attached to the link above can be found under the Members' Resources tab as well.

CWA Union News: Download APP for your smartphone!

Final deadline for scholarship application submission is April 30, 2014.  Click on title above for link information.

Thank You letter from Charles Byford, Brittney Byford's Dad:


I would ask that you please pass this on to all of your Union Members.

Let me start out by saying, my family and I would like to thank each and every one for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. The out pouring of love we received from everyone is greatly appreciated. Thanks goes out to everyone for helping us deal with the tragedy of losing our daughter. Losing a loved one opens your eyes to see life in a different way. It allows you to realize that life is not only short but also a precious thing. Again, I want to thank everyone for their continue love and support; along with your thoughts and prayers.

Charles Byford
22 State Support C&E

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